ICC cricket committee, headed by former Indian leg-spinner Anil Kumble has made recommendations on cricket playing issues to the Chief Executive’s Committee (CEC). The two-day Cricket committee meeting held in Bengaluru ended on Tuesday, after discussing major issues concerning the game and the key steps needed to be taken to rectify it.

A release said, “The committee noted an increase in the number of reports made under the Code of Conduct during 2013-14, and encouraged umpires to continue to take strong action when player behavior crossed acceptable boundaries. The MCC reported on some of its research into developments in cricket bat design, and particularly the improved performance of today’s thicker bats. Changes should be considered to encourage umpires and referees to identify suspect bowlers with greater confidence, to use the expertise of the biomechanists working in this area to assume a greater role during the assessment process, and to allow for ongoing scrutiny of bowlers once they have been identified under the ICC procedures.”

On the issue of decision review system, it further added, “Overall the use of the DRS increased the Correct Decision rate by 4.4% during the season.”


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