ICC increase fund allocation for Associate and Affiliate countries

Sudipta / 14 October 2015

ICC has increased fund allocation for Associate and Affiliate countries  

The International Cricket Council has increased the allocation of fund to Affiliate and Associate countries from $125 million to $208 million for the period 2016-2023. Prize money for the top-ranked Test sides and for ICC events has also gone up substantially. ICC currently has 38 Associate members and 37 Affiliate members.

The increased funding was in line with the ICC’s new strategy, which aims to assist the development of more competitive teams in international cricket, an ICC release stated. The release also said the annual funding pool for the Associates and Affiliates go up from $20 million in 2015 to $26 million in 2016.

The top-ranked Test side-both men and women- will get total $65 million as prize money for the period between 2016 and 2023. The new prize money is the 41 percent hike compared to the amount paid in the previous eight-year cycle.  

The number one ranked Test team, for which the cut-off date is April 1, will receive $1 million, which is double the existing amount.  

The board also  “recognised the improved standard and professionalism in women’s cricket” by approving a five-fold increase in the prize money for the six ICC women’s events during 2016-2023. The prize money now stands at $4.4mn, including $1mn for the Women’s World Cup 2017.



The press release also said under the new format for the eight-team Women’s World Cup will be played on a round-robin basis, with the top four sides progressing to the semi-finals. The new format means there will be a total of 31 matches (compared to 25 in 2013), with each side guaranteed a minimum of seven games during the tournament.

Women’s second of the world championship after the 2017 World Cup. The ICC noted that the tournament has “significantly enhanced the standard of women’s cricket” with each side guaranteed a minimum of 21 ODIs over a two-year period. 

To introduce the aggressive brand of cricket in women’s ODIs, all changes that were introduced to the men’s ODIs in June this year except two will also apply. The batting PowerPlay will remain in women’s ODIs, and there will still be four fielders outside the circle between overs 41-50. These amendments will come into effect from this week’s series between West Indies and Pakistan.

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