Canadian Cricket’s legend, present Cricket Australian spin coach, John Davison has blamed ICC for been late in penalising bowlers for posessing illegal actions. He said this that ICC’s late response might allow many upcoming cricketers who have grown up following and copying their heroes might be at risk as well.

He told about the experience he had during the visit to Sri Lanka with young spinners.

I was in Sri Lanka a couple of months ago and 90 per cent of the bowlers over there bowl spin,” Davison told to The Age. “I reckon 90 per cent of kids coming through would have what I would call an illegal action.

He told that in near future, sub continent spinners might face troubles to bowl with legal action as they been following their heroes who chucked.

There’s going to be a generation of cricketers in the subcontinent who are going to struggle to bowl with a legal action. These kids have grown up copying their heroes and now it’s going to come back to haunt them.

You look at most international spinners going around at the moment and the majority are definitely what you would call suspect, and kids copy what international guys are doing.

Davison said that the impact might can be in Australia due to their decision not to impose the doosra on upcoming spinners.

It’s something the ICC probably let go on for too long, but I suppose it’s good in terms of the stance we took, not that we wouldn’t coach it, but we wouldn’t try to turn traditional bowlers into doosra bowlers. It would have been much better [globally] if there had been a stance 20 years ago.

John Davison began his cricketing career for South Australia and Victoria before he turned up to play for Canada. He was a known name for Canadan Cricket during 2003, 07 and 11 World Cups where he done a decent job with both bat and ball. He broke the record for fastest century in World Cup during 2003. However, his record was broken by Hayden in 2007 Tournament.

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