The International Cricket Council (ICC) refused to pay heed to BCCI’s request for a representation in the financial committee of the international cricket board.

The Indian cricket governing body wants a Comptroller and Auditor General of India to represent India on the financial committee, but ICC refused to listen to them.

BCCI wanted to incorporate and highlight potential action in the review petition it filed in the Supreme Court in August.

The Nepal Cricket Association was suspended by ICC five months ago for breaching Article 2.9 of the ICC’s Articles of Association that prohibits government interference and requires free and fair elections.

Last year the ICC warned Sri Lanka Cricket when the government there appointed an interim committee to run cricket.

As per the article 2.9 of ICC “that “where a government interferes in the administration of cricket by a Member, including but not limited to interference in operational matters, the selection and management of teams, the appointment of coaches or support personnel, the Executive Board shall have the power to suspend or refuse to recognise that Member.”

If any country suspended by the ICC then they will not receive any funding from the international cricket governing the body.

Officials close to this development in the ICC said that the BCCI was to in no uncertain terms that it would not do anything of its wish and that the ICC would respond only if it receives a complaint from any of its 105 full, associate or affiliate members or a member unit of the BCCI.

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