South Africa left home floating after their triumph over West Indies team but there will be no exceptional bonus for the people if they return with the ICC World Cup trophy from Australia and New Zealand.

Haroon Lorgat, the chief executive of Cricket South Africa (CSA) told the Afrikaans daily ‘Beeld’ that there was no plan for any special bonus for winning the ICC World Cup starting on 14th February.

Haroon Lorgat said that South African team should come through the group stage undefeated and finally they will get the tag of 2015 world champion, they will receive in the region of USD 4 million in prize money.

He added that this is not an vexatious amount to earn, but they felt that the pride of playing for the native country in the ICC World Cup and becoming the 1st Proteas players to hold up high the cup should be enough motivation for the cricketers, rather than trying to encourage them with bonuses as well.

He said that if he is asked this 1 year ago, he would possibly not have been so full of confidence, but he is convinced after the performances they have shown in the previous year and how the squad has grown. There is no reason not to believe that the South Africa can become the champions.

He was quoted saying: “The ball is now in the hands of AB and his players to accomplish the task and be successful. This team should however not doubt at all that it has the support of every citizen (of South Africa).

Image Credit: telegraph


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