International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman and former president of BCCI, who by many is regarded as most powerful man in cricket, N Srinivasan breached constitution of ICC on Sunday 29th March as various media reported suggested that he has decided to give away the World Cup trophy to the winning captain Michael CLarke instead of current ICC president Mustafa Kamal of Bangladesh.

If one goes by rules of governing body of cricket, the president Mustafa Kamal should have been at the podium, but clealy Srinivasan was upset and to be harsh a bit miffed with the Bangladeshi’s outrage following his beloved country’s quarter-final defeat at the hands of India a fort-night ago. Srinivasan thus decided that he will be the chief guest at ceremony instead of Kamal. According to soucres there was a heated argument between the two. 

Kamal, in aftermatch of Bangladesh loss, had criticised umpiring terming them as “substandard.”

“From what I have seen, the umpiring was very poor. There was no quality in the umpiring. It seemed as if they had gone into the match with something in mind,” he had said to a local Bangladesh channel.

Srinivasan – The Chairman of the ICC – heads the governing body and is undoubtedly the most crucial figure at the headquarters in Dubai.

In previous editions, the then ICC President has handed the trophy to the winners. For example in 2011 World CUp, Sharad Pawar, who was the then president,, presented the trophy to the winning captain who was MS Dhoni.


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