Indian and Caribbean Players have faced each other for three times only in the World Twenty20 matches. But the interesting part is, they all know about each other’s strong and weak point than any other set of two teams. They partake in such a strange cricketing relationship. Well, this is because West Indies players play in Indian Premier League a lot. Virtually every franchise, consist at least one Caribbean player and the players of these two positions are more intimate with each other’s characteristics.

West Indies players have constantly been the cardinal members of the IPL. Nine among the top 11 players are playing IPL from different dealerships. These two sides have been in contact with each other for two months in every year. They either net with each other or play against each other. If Virat Kohli can share Chris Gayle‘s weaknesses with the Indian team, Dwayne Bravo will surely recognize how to bowl to MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina. On one hand, Indian batsmen know Sunil Narine better than most, while, on the tohr hand, Caribbean batsman know Amit Mishra better than any other batsmen in the Earth.

These familiarities will make the players to think of each other a lot. The spinners love the slowness, the batsmen the short boundaries. The familiarity is so much so that Suresh Raina thinks the West Indies batsmen struggle to rotate the strike against spin. West Indian, on the other hand, are eager to point out about Raina’s general ordinary average against West Indies. What you can’t debate about is the fact that this is a match between the ODI champions and the T20I champions with huge implications, in fact all matches are of great significance especially when only two of the five teams can progress to the next round i.e semifinals. The teams will keep one eye on the skies though; as it rained in Dhaka on Saturday and more wet spells are predicted for Sunday afternoon.



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