The Supreme Court has questioned former BCCI President on owning an IPL team. The SC bench asked the owner of Chennai Super Kings “If BCCI president owns a team, is it not a conflict of interest?”.

“An employee of your team was involved in betting, you have to reply. You will have to address question of conflict of interest as head of BCCI and also as owner of IPL team. Do you want to reside over liquidation of the game?” asked the Supreme Court to N. Srinivasan during the hearing regarding the IPL Spot-Fixng scandal.

The SC judges also told that the BCCI that “If board officials own IPL teams, it’s a mutual benefit society. Cricket must be played in its true spirit and should remain a gentleman’s game. Cricket is a religion in this country; crores of people are passionate about it, you’re killing the game. If you allow these things to happen, then you are killing the game of cricket. The SC also Benefit of doubt should go in favour of game rather than any individual. Who will watch IPL if fans know it is all fixed? Take action against those named, you have no option. How will you take action against ex Prez when he is standing again for next term?. “

BCCI asks SC not to divulge names of cricketers as careers will be affected. 

The case has been adjourned till tomorrow.


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