Indian Premiere league known as IPL has given birth of many players. Many players were hidden from the eyesight of the world before Indian Premiere league came. Many players were neglected for long days. Since Indian Premiere league has come it gave chances to many players to present their talent in front of the world. Nowadays these players are getting attention of their own country selectors. Indian Premiere league has proved itself as a platform of express your talents in front of the world. Some Indian player as well as some foreign Player created their base from this tournament.

Like many other player, Sunil Narine, the mystery spinner presented his total strength, skill, tactics, talent in this Indian Premiere league. When Kolkata Knight Riders bought him no one knows the name of this Caribbean Spinner.

Kolkata Knight Riders won their second Indian Premiere league title in this year one month. Led by a determined Gautam Gambhir, Kolkata Knight Riders won their second IPL title this season, with both their wins came under him. After giving horrible performance in first three season Kolkata Knight Riders managed to improve themselves in the fourth one. Kolkata Knight Riders took their first step toward winning the trophy when they bought Gautam Gambhir for the highest price in IPL auctions’ history, paying $2.4 million. Kolkata Knight Riders  management made him captain of that team. Gambhir said the owners put their full faith in him, allowing him a free reign, uninterrupted from any outside pressure.  

Being the captain he advised Venky Mysore and team co-owner Shahrukh Khan to buy Sunil Narine. Shahrukh Khan and Venky Mysore took his advice and made a surprise buy of West Indian Sunil Narine for $700,000. They just put this heavy amount on a player who was not well known and had played only three International match. Kolkata Knight Riders management was completely clueless about Narine but Gambhir made it clear that at any cost he need this Caribbean mystery spinner.

When Kolkata Knight Riders management was discussing about Indian Premiere League auction, Gauti was in Australia tour. Venky asked him about next days auction. Gautam suggested Narine’s name that time confidently. When he was asked about this player Gautam’s words were such that “Just remember the name, forget about who’s this guy. Just remember him.”Gautam showed his full confidence since then. SRK himself asked again that Gautam was sure or not about this Narine. Gauti asked SRK about the budget. SRK said that they were having two million for that year. Gambhir said that KKR should invest two million on Narine if needed. Watching his confidence SRK promised him that he would get this player if Gambhir need so and they bought him in that 2012 IPL auction.Gambhir’s masterstroke, and owners’ total faith in him paid off. Narine’s mystery spin has been in the focal point around which KKR have emerged from the ashes, and scripted history twice in 3 years. Narine’s performance in Champions League T-20 attracted Gambhir’s eye and he was determined to have him in his KKR team. No one expected that a base player of $50,000 could be bought for $700,000. Narine proving his price in every match. He will astonish in future too. 

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