Imran Khan: 'Allan Border give me Sunil Gavaskar and B.S Chandrashekhar from India, we will beat Australia'

Sudipta / 25 November 2015

Cricket is known as the game of gentleman. At least for puritans. In the past cricket had many gentlemen but there is hardly any in modern day cricket. There are plenty of incidents to prove wrong someone, who is saying cricket is no more a gentlemen’s game. But, cut-throat competition and sledging have spoiled the modesty of the century-old game in modern day cricket. Probably it could be difficult for the 19th-century cricketers to recognise the game as it sported too many changes since it first played in the 17th century. 

We know the worst ever on-field spat between Javed Minadad and Dennis Leilee in Australia. The Australian bowler kicked Pakistan batsman Javed Miandad. While Miandad was complaining to umpire that Lilee blocked intentionally blocked his running between the wicket, the Aussie pacer kicked Miandad.

Similarly there was a banter that usually happens in the lower division or unaccredited village cricket rivaly was once exposed in Australia before an Australia and Pakistan Test. 

Those were the days of the flamboyant 1980’s. Cricket was on the verge of sporting the colour and blended with the rise of blymboyant crickters like Imran Khan, Vivian Richrads, Ian Botham and Allan Border.

Invinclble West Indies team mingled with menacing pace attack and aggressive batsmen and subtley pcked England cricket teams were dominating the world cricket. Pakistan also took their baby step in the domination of world cricket but less with the technique but with the poort standards of umpiring. 


During those days, Pakistan captain Imran Khan met Australia captain Allan Border in an informal meeting in Sydney on the eve of a match. During their conversation Imran told Border “AB give me Sunil Gavaskar and B.S Chandrashekhar from India, we will beat Australia.” But, Border shot back at Imran with a rather shocking reply as he said, “Imran, just give me two Umpires from Pakistan and we will beat the whole world”. Imran didn’t take Allan Border’s statement lightly. An informal meeting turned into a fracas incident between Border and Khan. Furious Imran told PCB about Border’s banter. PCB lodged a complained against Border to the Australian board.

Cricket Australia found the statement Border’s comment crude. It urged Border to tender an apology to Imran Khan and Pakistan Cricket Board for the statement.

This is one of the worst informal meetings two rival captains have ever gone through. Both Imran and Border are among the legends of the game. Arguably they are the best ever captains from their respective countries. Border have won the 1987 World Cup while Imran Khan grabbed the 1992 World Cup Down Under.

But, the incidents has found a place in the history of rude behaviour between two prominent cricketers.  

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