It will remain a dream for cricket to be included in Olympic Games, India and England signed themselves as the main opposition country who opposed to include cricket in the Olympic Games. They are opposing because of financial and commercial infrastructure of all members of the International Cricket Council. Now a days Cricket has emerged on the sports platform along with other games like football, Tennis and many other games. International Olympic Committee (IOC) has recognized this famous sport along with other 32 sports which could be introduced in the Olympic games. The International Cricket Council has applied to include T20 format in the Olympic games featuring upto 12 teams both men and women. International Olympic Committee (IOC) will review this application in 2017, for adding any new game in 2024.but evaluation will start from 2015.

At last year’s annual conference International Cricket Council they presented a report which showed the positive side and negative side, of including cricket in Olympics. The board delayed their decision to the next annual conference and in the meantime, they forwarded this matter to the Associates and Affiliates (A & A). Neil Speight, one of the directors of the ICC board and Chairman of A&A has felt that this report should be reviewed. 90% member of the ICC supported the idea of inclusion of cricket in Olympic. A&A countries also expressed their interest regarding this idea. Jon Long, ICC’s head of strategic management and support services presented the report showing the positive sides of joining in the Olympic games. It will be an economically profitable idea for ICC as it will receive a projected dividend of $15-20 Million from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Not only this, the ICC will receive money from A&A countries from ICC event media rights. All ICC members would receive both government and national Olympics committee support of “several million dollars”per year, moreover, they would also $4-6 million annually from the Olympic Solidarity funding. There is a negative side also that is ICC have to decide the frequency of world T20 format. If it is going to be as it is that is in two years frequency than one major tournament have to be replaced and if it is going to be settled with four years then ICC should reschedule their cricket calendar. Another negative side is that ICC is having some financial problem. The projected plans explained that they will not get as much revenue as they are getting from the ICC World Cup. Projection showed that ICC got $85.5 million from the World Cup and if they join into Olympic this revenue would drop in a drastic manner, estimation said that they could have only $14M.

England and Wales Cricket Board mainly oppose this idea as they are having some financial issue. They said that Olympic first half occurs in the month of August in every four years. At that time they could arrange a four match test series, which could give them the revenue of $130m. Olympic not only affect this time, it will change all the schedule which could give them a huge loss of $160M overall.

India is opposing because of the main issue of the report that is “member autonomy”. And BBCI has not taken any decision regarding this problem which could make a satisfactory change in the above mentioned matter.

Other countries like  Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe showed their interest on the idea.

The report also explained that this additional cricketing format will harm the total cricket system as they are already facing problem dealing with three formats of the cricket.

Cricket undoubtedly has the capacity to move on with or without Olympics games. But if it joins the Olympic it will grow fast. So the future of the cricket, the growth of the cricket is on ICC’s hand. Let’s see how they judge this issue to resolve this problem.


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