Virat Kohli, the new Indian test skipper is yet to start a tour as a captain and will be excited to start the tour against Bangladesh. The fast bowler from Australia, Glenn McGrath said that Kohli will have a great time as a skipper and that his attitude will take India to great heights.

McGrath who is in Mumbai as a part of a three-city tour as a brand ambassador of Hardy’s, said that the aggression of the skipper is a positive sign for the team till he keeps scoring runs. He added that a leader who is strong and is never willing to back down will be great for a team like India. But McGrath also said that there is very small line between being over aggressive and showing your aggression.

McGrath praised Kohli saying that having aggression and transforming it into performances in the sport is not easy and that Kohli has been exceptional in this regard. He said that he felt that the Indian team is in good hands. McGrath had a piece of advice to fast bowlers in the nation. He said that the skill with the ball only takes them half way and that the attitude is what will take you the rest of the way.

He also spoke about the job of the head coach for team India. He said that the job of a coach is to be able to handle the players well and to make them feel relaxed in the dressing room. He added that a mutual respect between the players and the coach is what brings the best out of the team. 

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