International Cricket Council (ICC) and BCCI are in a tussle over the recently proposed revenue model which saw India’s share cut to $293 million from the existing $570 million.

The Indian Cricket board is very unhappy with the new revenue share as BCCI deserves more considering the fact that they contribute almost 70 percent of total ICC revenue profits.

BCCI have already missed the deadline to announce the squad for the upcoming Champions Trophy whereas all other boards have already announced their respective squads for the tournament.

There have been suggestions that the board could pull out from the tournament but a decision on the same could be taken on May 7 after the SGM meeting. The board are currently looking at the various options at their disposal to counter ICC after the injustice that the global governing body did to BCCI recently.

India was actually given $570 million as part of ‘Big Three’ revenue distribution model which saw BCCI, CA and ECB get the majority of revenue. However, the new model rose the revenue shares of all other boards including CA and ECB except BCCI. Hence, the BCCI were out voted by 2-8 in favour of the new financial model with Sri Lankan board supporting BCCI in the matter.

ICC have also offered an additional $100 million to BCCI apart from $293 million which the board rejected without any second thought. Speaking about the ongoing tussle, BCCI representative Amitabh Choudhary said: “Why do you forget that a disproportionate share of revenues to cricket comes from India? It’s very easy and misleading to say that India is getting a disproportionate share.

“The facts are that over 70 per cent of cricket’s revenue world over comes from the Indian market. That [the $293 million offered by the ICC] is not even close to the contribution that India makes.”

BCCI are also looking at the option to send a second string team to the Champions Trophy as they are very keen to show their dissatisfaction towards the new financial model which has solely impacted the revenues of BCCI alone. This will see BCCI not breach Members Participation Agreement (MPA) as they will be participating in ICC tournament and the board could also take a similar stance in the upcoming bilateral series against big teams as it will clearly send out a message to ICC.

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