India must learn from mistakes – Sandeep Patil

Krishna Chopra / 29 October 2015

The head of the selection panel of India, Sandeep Patil has said that it’s high time for the men in blue to learn from their mistakes. India were thrashed by South Africa in the fifth ODI in Mumbai, and the dismal bowling performance has angered the fans. India were expected to win the series, but rather lost the decider in a dismal fashion.

“Every team plays the different formats. Our team loses and we feel bad. It is bound to happen. You have the right to criticise because you are so involved with the game. As chairman of selectors I am at the receiving end and I feel more bad,” said Patil, indirectly hinting towards the poor performance of the Indians.

“But you have to stand up and face it. You have to start learning and start analyzing why the standard has fallen. You have to forget the previous victories and concentrate on the next win,” said the 59-year-old Patil. You should always set goals that is achievable. Set smart goals,” Patil added.

Patil was also worried about the poor performance of Mumbai in the domestic tournaments and said that it was time for the side to improve. “The standard of Mumbai cricket is going down because the stars and current players don’t participate in local tournaments. If the youngsters don’t bowl to class batsmen or the batsmen don’t face top bowlers, you are bound to see the standard of cricket falling. During the earlier days, wherever club tournaments were played in Mumbai, all the Test players participated. Hence, the standard of cricket was high. The current scenario is a concern of not just mine but also Mumbai Cricket Association’s. I appeal to all concerned to develop Mumbai cricket,” Patil said. 

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