Steven Smith equipped for all three formats says Phil Jacques

Shashi / 20 December 2014

Former Australia Test batsman Phil Jacques strongly believes that current Test captain Steve Smith not only has the flawless match for all 3 formats of cricket, but feels that his leadership duty could quite easily be gained to the One Day International and T20 teams.

Smith’s rapid success with the bat as Test captain has dispensed Cricket Australia with the perfect chance to go one beyond this and put the young batsman to do the captaincy of the World Cup Australia team.

With the World Cup emerging in February on home grounds and a busy 2015 ahead, the coercion’s going to be on CA to keep Smith’s youthful keenness and not work him into the crease, reported by a popular newspaper.

Jacques said that Smith’s the sort of person who would stay new mentally and be able to continue and play all those three forms of the game i.e. Test, ODI, and T20 and do well in the skipper’s position. He also added that he has no doubts that Smith is ready to take it if that was the way Cricket Australia went.

Jacques also said that Steve is a very intelligent boy, adding that he does not let a game amass. He said that George Bailey has led the One Day International team with difference over the last 1 year.

Jacques said that Brad Haddin is a very good captain too, but also added that he does not see any reason why Steve could not do all three forms i.e. Test, ODI, and T20 as well. He asserted that the stand-in captain would tackle it no problem.

He does not think being a skipper would leave any impact on Steve’s playing quality. He believes that it would probably help his skills, added Jacques.

One Day International and Test captain Michael Clarke is in indecision for the World Cup in New Zealand and Australia because of hamstring operation, which makes Bailey the current man in charge of the team.

Bailey guided Australia to a series win over South Africa in Australia previous month after Clarke broke down in the first match of the 5 match series, with Steve.


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