MS Dhoni had the confidence that he will finish the game against Windies and India will chase down the total of 190 runs in 300 deliveries but the former India skipper went in ultra slow mode, failing to see his team getting past the winning total.

Dhoni just scored a mere 54 runs and consumed 114 deliveries to make this score. Though everyone had confidence in Dhoni that he will finish off the game but the pressure which he created on himself by letting the easy chances go away, cost India at the end of the day and the visitors failed to capitalize the opportunity and lost the game. Though this has now made the last ODI of the series worth watching as the home side will look to upset India again and level the series whereas India will look to get back to the original team combination, so as to turn the tide in their favour.

MS Dhoni, who was at fault for this loss, was a dejected man and his emotions were clearly seen after the game when he was seen sitting in the dressing room, failing to understand what happened on the field. Here is the video which shows that MS Dhoni was shocked after the loss in the second ODI –

It is a natural feeling as India was chasing just a mere target of 190 and still lagged by 11 runs, losing all the 10 wickets. Though short targets are tricky to chase but never in anyone’s dream India was expected to lose this one. To add to it, the way Dhoni played, it was surprising as he is known as one of the aggressive batsmen in world cricket but his aggression with the bat was nowhere seen when it was needed the most again one of the weakest teams in world cricket.


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