Indian batsman breaks Guinness world record of longest net session

Sudipta / 26 December 2015

An amateur cricketer from Latur, Virag Mare has scripted a Guinness world record of the longest net session on Thursday, says media reports.

Mare has batted for 50 hours and broken the previous record of 48 hours.

Mare has broken the record set by English duo, Dve Newman, and Richard Wells, who were appreciated by none other than British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Batting for three days and two nights at a stretch, the 24-year-old amateur cricketer broke the Guinness record of the longest individual net session.

Mare started his batting December 22 and stopped on December 26 after completing 50 hours of the longest session at the net.

At Mahalaxmi Lawns in Karve Nagar, he faced 14,682 in 2,447 overs. He batted exactly 50 hours, 5 minutes and 51 seconds.

Mare had batted against both a genuine bowler and a bowling machine. He batted 5 hours at a stretch before taking a 25 minutes break. On Wednesday, he was exhausted and has taken a break in every hour.

“I had worked really hard to fulfill this dream”

Around the halfway mark to the record, Mare thought of giving up. But his father had traveled from his village to watch him break the record, which Mare says inspired him a lot.

“I don’t have words to express my emotions. The reason why I am able to talk merely 2-3 hours after I broke the record because I love this game. I had worked really hard to fulfill this dream,” Mare told Indian Express.

“We had thought of crossing the 15,000 balls mark. But he was already very tired. It would’ve been wrong to stretch him beyond his limit,” said Ramdas Potale, his friend, and organizer of the event.

Had to give up cricket due to poverty

Mare has joined Sachin Tendulkar’s coach Ramakant Achrekar’s academy at the age of 16 but had to drop due to his inability to pay the fees. He then shifted to Pune and began to run a vada  pav stall for a living.

However, the record proves his dedication to cricket. His record no doubt will be difficult to break.

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