Rohit Sharma could be the Miss India of Batting says Gautam Gambhir

Shashi / 10 April 2015

Gautam Gambhir has nothing but praise for Rohit Sharma’s batting performance, as the latter missed out on a century by just two runs. Sharma’s heroics were not enough to rescue Mumbai however, as Kolkata went on to win by seven wickets.

Gambhir himself set up an impressive 57 runs off 43 balls, leading his side to a comfortable finish, and also making a social media moment as he snapped his bat in the process, prompting more memes and tweets than his fifty itself. It was a moment that reminded us of the 2011 World Cup Final against Sri Lanka, when he also broke his bat, and we all remember how that went down. “I won’t mind breaking 15 more bats to win this year’s IPL”, Gambhir joked.

Rohit Sharma himself went on to make a powerful statement with an unbeaten 98 for 65 balls, smashing 12 fours and 4 sixes.

“Rohit Sharma was brilliant for Mumbai. He moved like a Rolls Royce, maneuvering the gaps on a busy road effortlessly.”, Gambhir said.

He went on to say, “A writer once beautifully summarised the elegance quotient in the batting of former West Indian great Carl Hooper. He wrote, ‘If batting was a beauty contest, Hooper would be Miss World’. Let’s say Rohit can easily be Miss India.”

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