Former Indian batsman, Sachin Tendulkar, who was a member of the Cricket Advisory Committee responsible for the appointment of Team India coach, has said that the young Indian team has a lot to learn from the newly-appointed team India coach Anil Kumble.

“It’s about being a tough character and being able to stand on your feet in tough moments. That’s what I feel Anil will teach them,” Tendulkar said on Tuesday (July 12) at Lord’s. “There are crunch moments in any match, so approaching those moments is important. He will be out there to win each and every moment.”

Calling Kumble a match winner, the legendary batsman urged the players to gain as much knowledge as possible from Kumble and also asked them to enjoy the game.

“My experience with Anil has been fantastic,” Tendulkar said. “He has been a match-winner, and the guys have got a lot to learn from him. Anil is ready to share everything he has learnt from this wonderful sport. He played for close to 20 years, so there is plenty to share. I’ll just tell the players to grasp as much information from Anil as possible, and enjoy the game above everything else.”

Meanwhile, Tendulkar too joined the debate on bat sizes. After Ricky Ponting and Josh Hazlewood raised their voice against the huge bat sizes, David Warner said that flat pitches are more responsible for the bowlers’ agony rather than huge bats. Echoing Warner’s sentiments, Tendulkar said that more bowler-friendly pitches should be made.

“The wickets need to change; they need to be more helpful for bowlers,” Tendulkar said. “In T20s, the greatest of bowlers are being reverse-swept. Three-hundred is no longer competitive in ODIs.

“So there should be at least one format where bowlers have a better chance of executing their skills and making it more interesting for spectators. It’s difficult for someone to sit for five days, so you have to look at changing surfaces. I don’t think it’s got much to do with bats, but I’m sure people on the panel will be able to look into it. That’s what David Warner has spoken about too.”

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