Video: Indians hilariously troll photoshopping skills of Bangladesh

Krishna Chopra / 21 March 2016
Video: Indians hilariously troll photoshopping skills of Bangladesh

Recently, the final of the T20 Asia Cup was marred by an ugly controversy when some Bangladeshi fans photoshopped a mutilated head of Indian skipper MS Dhoni. The act had drawn criticism from across the globe, with avid cricket viewers slamming the dreadful act of the Bangladeshi fans. However, the photoshop antics of the Bangladeshi fans made no difference to the might of team India, as the men in blue thrashed them in the final of the Asia Cup.

Things have turned sour for Bangladesh ever since that Asia Cup final. They lost miserably to Pakistan in their opening Super 10 fixture and then to compound their woes, Taskin Ahmed and Arafat Sunny were banned for having an illegal bowling action. With Bangladesh poised to take on Australia, India and group toppers New Zealand in the days to come, things can get only worse for the Bangladeshis.

In a recent video uploaded on Youtube, a few Indian fans have answered the Bangladeshis back in style. In the video, the photoshopping skills of an Indian are shown, who offers to morph the picture of the Pakistani captain with a World Cup. Soon, a Bangladeshi enters his shop and asks for a “real world cup”. The Indian answers in style and demands the head of the Bangladeshi fan.

When quizzed about his weird demand, the Indian fan says that Bangladesh can only lift the World Cup if it is held by MS Dhoni. The Indian then goes on to say that no World Cup can be won by just photoshopping someone’s severed head. He definitely gives the Bangladeshi a taste of his own medicine.

Check out the hilarious video below and judge for yourself.