From the very moment the tour of England was announced, the cricket loving fans of the nation have been eagerly waiting to see team India performing well. In fact, we have not been able to win a single series since ages. Therefore, it has become imperative for team India to excel and restore the faith of millions of the fans who have got high hopes. However, in an effort to fairly assess the ground reality, most of the fans feel that the following become the reasons for defeat of team India:

1)      Our batsmen and bowler hardly perform together in a match

2)      Too much dependency on few key batsmen

3)      Acute shortage of an all rounder

4)      Lack of dependable wicket taking bowlers

Well, the upcoming tour of England has become a very important event in terms of deciding the future of the team India. In case we are able to give a stiff fight and win the series, it will prove to be a big morale booster for team India, before the next tour of Australia. Though the format of the next world cup is different (ODIs), but in case team India excels in both these away series, India’s chances of lifting the world cup will get a boost.

Many of the fans believe that we lack killing instinct. Also, our players very often do not rise to the demand of occasion. In fact, capable batsmen like Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja have confined themselves to getting 35-40 runs and then throwing their wicket away. A bit of determination and sense of responsibility can enhance their performance.

Another big reason for narrow defeats is that our lower order batsmen have a tendency to play in an irresponsible manner and very often they throw away their wickets cheaply. We also lack the ability to take cheeky singles and converting ones into twos.

Also, there seems to be a notion that team India is good at chasing only and when we bat first, the entire onus shifts on the bowlers. Our batsmen will have to make sure that they put higher scores on the board. For this, we will have to develop a habit of generating a couple of good partnerships.

In a rather strange phenomenon, our body language, confidence and self esteem gets vanished in the away series, especially when we have to play on the bouncy tracks. The worst part is that we have got a very talented batting order and the inconsistency of our bowlers proves fatal. To overcome this aspect, long term planning is needed to be adopted for developing the pace bowlers.

Also, the important role of tight fielding cannot be underestimated. Very often it is seen that barring a few excellent fielders like Kohli and Raina, many others lack agility on the field.

Last, but not the least, the management will have to ensure that the playing eleven is not changed very frequently and despite below par performances, a few opportunities are ensured. On the other hand, with the availability of many capable and talented cricketers, the non-performing seniors should be given rest. Millions of the fans do hope that despite a comparatively weaker bowling attack, team India have got enough potential to win. Only a bit of motivation and self confidence might prove the key for emerging victorious. Go on folks, for the whole nation is supporting you on this glorious mission.


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