Indo-Pak cricket ties will be revived – Rameez Raja

Krishna Chopra / 20 October 2015

Even as political activities in Mumbai have strained the relationship between the BCCI and the PCB, former Pakistani batsman Rameez Raja is very optimistic. Raja, who often commentates during India’s games, has said that the much loved Indo-Pak cricket rivalry will be revived soon and things will be normal again. These comments from Raja definitely bring about some positivity for people who genuinely love the game.

“I am pretty certain eventually cricket will be the winner. Sooner or later India and Pakistan will get down to playing cricket again despite the current bleak scenario,” Ramiz told Geo News. “But they have always been highs and lows in Indo-Pak relations but I have never been made to feel unwelcome anywhere in India. Similarly, if Aleem is is in India obviously the ICC must have thought about it and sent him there for the India and South Africa series. I don’t see any threat to him,” he said.

Raja also praised the PCB for its efforts to resume the cricketing ties between the two nations. “It is good they have again taken the initiative to convince India to play the series in December. Such efforts have to continue to eventually break the ice. Cricket has always brought a thaw in relations and improved it from my experience,” said Raja.

“Indo-Pak series is overall important for cricket itself and the financial benefits of such matches is immense for all stakeholders,” concluded Raja. 

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