Finally the fans witnessed a thrilling game that too a high-scorer. With help of Smith and McCullum CSK posted 205 on the board. Later it was chased down by KXIP with another 7 balls to spare with a brutal hitting from Maxwell and Miller.

CSK the Indian Premier League’s Daddy.

Smith and McCullum smashed KXIP bowlers and gave a great start to CSK.



MS Dhoni’s T20 record < IPL record.


After a small blitz Sehwag fell to Nehra.


It was the Nehra who dropped a catch and allowed the tweeps to troll him.



Insane Hitting from Maxwell that rocked the opposition.


Maxwell and McCullum dominated the game and brought their old teams in dilemma for letting them.


Some tweets related to CSK team controversies.



And it was a CSK game to lose with a poor bowling.

 This is how Nehra should have tried to catch.



This tweet sumps up the match.


And here’s the last but not the least tweet.


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