On a slow track where the both team’s bowlers played an important role, CSK sneak past RR by a mere margin of 7 runs.

Here are the twitter reactions of the game.

Sarcasm at it’s best.

Smith scored 50 off 59 when he departed. Later CSK collapsed.

Why Pace? Use Brain Stuff.

Johnson and Styen’s bowling in slow motion camera’s is equal to Rajat Bhatia’s bowling.

He may end as best Uncapped player ever.

Fixed Again?

Why The Hell this Rameez Raja is still in IPL.

SIR takes SONs.

Ashwin and his Fantasy Team hope ruining.

He is MSD not Kumar Sangakkara.

Faulkner didn’t walk.

Mumbaikars all the way.

Kulkarni feared CSK hitting some sixers in last over.

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