The Mumbai Cricket Association’s (MCA) has decided to obey to all the conditions put in place by the Ranjib Biswal – IPL chairman – after MCA president Sharad Pawar’s sent a letter asking why the IPL final was taken removed from Mumbai.

Moreover, MCA vice-president Ravi Savant said they will follow all the conditions imposed by the IPL authorities. Biswal, however, also clarified that the IPL has not put any conditions on the MCA for the June 1 final.

“The managing committee has decided to accept all the conditions, including ensuring seating arrangements for all franchise owners. Since a playoff is their match, they can invite whosoever they want. We can’t have a say in it. The reply to that effect has been sent to the IPL chairman,” Savant said after a meeting with MCA managing committee in the back drop of shocking news that IPL moved the final of this year from Wankhede Stadium to the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore.

Ranib Biswal, however, told cricket website ESPNcricinfo that the question of re-allotting the final does not arise.

“Whether I will respond to the MCA letter or not depends on the contents of the letter,” Biswal stated. “But I can confirm that I had only explained the reasons for which the decision to move the final to Bangalore was taken. We hadn’t put any riders in the last letter. Also, so far we have not received any formal request to re-allot the final to Wankhede.”

Savant, however, was desperate to get final back to Mumbai. “Once we have decided to fulfill all the conditions, we hope that the IPL would bring the final back to Mumbai,” he said.

If the final, indeed, returns to Mumbai, then the five-year ban imposed on Kolkata Knight Riders owner Shah Rukh in May 2012 will have to be lifted. MCA banned him in 2012 following a spat with MCA security officials after the game between Mumbai Indians and Knight Riders at Wankhede on May 16, 2012.

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