The IPL bonanza is about to kick off and every cricket fan in the country is excited about the 42-day event that has reached great heights in the recent past.

One of the most loved sides of the IPL, the Mumbai Indians, have got their own share of international publicity when they agreed to partner up with Etihad Airways and also the Jet airways and named them the official airline partners for this season of the IPL.

Peter Baumgartner the Chief commercial officer of the Etihad airways said that it was great to be in partnership with the champions form 2013 who are the biggest team in terms of viewership in the IPL which in itself is one of the biggest sporting even in the world at the moment.

He added that he is looking forward for the season of Mumbai Indians and hoped that the social media will help them attract more viewership. Like the previous year, the logo of Etihad will be on the shirt of a home game and the logo of Jet Airways for the away game.

Both the parties expressed great delight at the extension of the contract ad Akash Ambani from the Mumbai Indians felt that the branding of the airways during the match will help the sponsors and in-turn the team he said.

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