IPL on internet and mobile may not be free anymore

Nagendra / 06 June 2016
IPL on internet and mobile may not be free anymore

Indian Premier League has been a huge hit in the country and with the league being available in the app and also on websites of Star India, the popularity has grown tremendously over the last few years.

The amount of success that IPL-9 has reached digitally has made Star India think about putting a paywall model in place, according to the reports from various sources.

With hotstar becoming such a huge hit in the nation, Star has already started premium content on their app which people will need to pay money for. Currently, the app has categorized few English TV series like Game of Thrones and other Hollywood movies as premium.

If Star wants to place a paywall model, then users will have shell out the money to watch IPL as the league will no longer be free in their app. If this happens, it might very well affect an average Indian and the viewership of the league.

Hotstar had a digital viewership of 100 million for IPL this season as the season has been very close and the matches were fiercely contested.

Indian Premier League is the most watched league in India and considering the fact that Paywall models are still not popular in the nation. However, it remains to be seen how successful the model would become as far as IPL is  concerned, especially considering the fact there are many free sources available all over the internet.

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