The BCCI is likely to alter the rules regarding the player retention policy in the IPL. If the new rules are indeed adopted, then all the players could be in the auction pool. As per the contract signed by franchises in 2014, the teams can retain up to five players and have the sixth player via the “right to match card” for three seasons.

However, franchises now want this rule to be changed. As per latest developments, the teams will have the “right to match card” for five players. This means that the team owners will have to pay the five players, on whom the card is exercised, the amount which that player has fetched in the auction.

If this proposal is accepted by the Governing Council of the IPL, then several high profile names would be up for grabs in the auctions. The likes of Dhoni, Gayle, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina and AB De Villiers could well be in the auction for the 2017 IPL.

This proposal to alter the retention policy has been resisted by some franchises. Some team owners feel that by keeping their key players in the auctions, they could lose the balance within the side. A few teams stringently believe in keeping their core unit the same as it familiarizes the players with the team. More than anything else, if the players play for a certain team, then it makes them far more comfortable and a sense of security engulfs them.

The main reason behind having all the players in the auctions is that well to do players would then be paid a fixed amount and not what they demand. It is alleged that several players, who have been retained by their sides are often paid “under the table” so that they remain connected with the franchise.

As a matter of fact, in 2008 during the first player auctions, all the cricketers were supposed to be in the auction pool after 3 seasons. But due to the influence of some eminent names, this change was cancelled.

The likes of Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings have always believed in keeping their core unit intact. It will surely be interesting to know the approach of their owners on this proposed alteration.

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