Enjoying the spotlight after his wonderful IPL season that saw him play crucial knocks, Royal Challengers Bangalore batsman Sarfaraz Khan has surely gained a lot of media attention and popularity. But displaying a mature stand he has said that the stint has given him confidence but his feet are firmly on the ground.

 Sarfaraz told PTI that taking charge of the batting after big guns like Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli and AB de Villers was surely an honour.

He expressed, “Batting on number six was an honour for me. Usually senior and experienced players bat at that position and carry heavy pressure. I am lucky to get a chance to bat at that position. It gave me extreme confidence but my feet are on the ground, and will remain there”.

It is pertinent to add that this Mumbai based batsman was bought by RCB for Rupees 50 lakh. He always believed in winning over the confidence of people who reposed faith in his abilities and this helped him put up an impressive show.

On his splashing performance of 45 off 21 balls against a potent Rajasthan Royals bowling attack, Sarfaraz said, “Gayle, Kohli and de Villiers gave me tips to improve my batting. Very soon I will be bringing them into practice.”

Sharing his opinion on the pressure of performing at the big stage, Sarfaraz clarified that it happens to be his father’s — Naushad Khan –guidance, who is also a coach, that made his performance effortless.



Sarfaraz first got limelight after scoring a record 439 in U-16 inter-school Harris Shield event in Mumbai in 2009, and felt honored to be mentioned in Cricket Bible “Wisden” for his tremendous performance in junior cricket.  Young Sarafraz now gives full credit to Kohli for making him graduate to the next level.

He opined, “Kohli especially helped me a lot. He appeared to me more of a friend than mentor or captain”.

Sharing his views on dream of playing for national side, Sarfaraz said, “It is hard to say how far that goal is but the way I am working, I am confident that I will get to play for the country in future.”

His proud father and coach Naushad said, “I have given Sarfaraz to cricket. Sarfaraz’s mother gets up at half past four in the morning and cooks food for us. We leave house at five o’clock and start practice from seven o’clock. We come back home at 8 PM and after having dinner we fall asleep at nine o’clock. This routine has continued for many years.”

It is heartening to see that the young man has got a lot of maturity.

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