IPL7: Mumbai’s turn around is a pure team work

Shashi / 26 May 2014

IPL 7 started , though not in India, but in UAE; after BCCI found it the most suitable place to host the IPL. With an auction just before the tournament, every team looked well prepared , after working on their strategy and team combination . Teams met in UAE , and no one before the tournament had even thought of what happened in the UAE leg. The defending champions could not win a single game out of the 5 . They looked clueless and their every bet went in vain. Their strategy , team combination, batting positions and everything was being questioned.The exclusion of Smith and Maxwell began a hot topic , simply because they were till then the highlights of this year’s IPL , but sadly for a different team. Facebook memes began to present the team like a bunch of gully cricketers.


But everyone forgot that they were the winners of the IPL last year and followed it up by winning the Champions league. They now had to prove themselves , may be not to compete for a spot in the top 4 but to show what they are capable of. The tide of time turned , and this time in the favour of Mumbai. They were back at home, their den ,where they had been dictating terms to the opposition. The blue army had to do it, for themselves , and may be for their fans who has turned up in large numbers even when they had not fared well.

The Indian conditions favoured them , and more to their style of batting . MI has many who loves the ball coming onto the bat and then whack it for biggies. Pollard started to fire and Corey was soon kicked out of the team simply because he did not fit in the line up. Fortune favours the brave and Simmons was added to the squad as a replacement for Jalaj Saxena. The troops were ready now.
Gautam opened the innings and Rohit stabilised the middle order. Rayudu came at 1st down and proved why he was retained. Harbhajan showed his class and the worth of experience. Now , Hussey was added to the squad and he scored 2 back to back half centuries , after his initial failures. They started scoring big and defending defending was easy, considering their bowling resources.
A team which thought of playing for pride got so lucky with the other results that they now have a genuine chance of making it to the next round of the tournament. They now just have to defeat Rajasthan Royals, but with a significant margin. Rajasthan has suffered 2 consecutive defeats and Mumbai on the other hand will be going with some serious amount of confidence.

Whatever the result may be, Mumbai Indians have showed why they were the defending champions. On their day, they can defeat any team . Their turn around has been a fairy tale , and a result of a team contribution. All the players realised their role and contributed.
This surely will be a alarm for all the teams , for the next year’s IPL .

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