Australian captain Steven Smith has clinched the sixth position in all-time best batsmen ratings in Test cricket history.

“Mistakes are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them”

The popular quote has worked in the favour of Australian skipper Steve Smith.

The Australia skipper’s cheeky attempt gain advantage from the dressing room. The simply ignored the rules. DRS rules clearly state that the player thinking over a decision review must not seek signals from dressing rooms.

If riling up the crowd when the bowler is running into bowl make Steve Waugh uncomfortable then a clear case of batsmen seeking unfair advantage has enough reason for Kohli to be miffed in a post-match press conference. The Indian team was obviously unhappy and registered a written complaint.

The ‘brain fade’ can cause him to do so. Pressure surrounds you while chasing a target on a tricky pitch. Obviously, he did not have the cover of inexperience that Peter Handscomb used to hide behind the mistake. And, if that reason is enough to bail out the skipper, then perhaps Kohli can excuse himself for the same reason every time he gives a mouthful to any player. The adrenaline rush is part of the game, right?

No one knew what to expect but some sort of action was being anticipated. ICC, however, thought of giving a parental advice and concluded that it will not take any action against Smith.

In the ICC press release, ICC Chief Executive David Richardson said, “We have just witnessed a magnificent game of Test cricket where players from both teams gave their all and emotions were running high during and after the match.

“We would encourage both teams to focus their energy on the third Test in Ranchi next week. Ahead of that, the match referee will bring both Captains together to remind them of their responsibilities to the game.”

Well, it’s always good to move on and focus on the upcoming game. But, the fans surely have been left discontent. The matter has only one conclusion best described by Mark Butcher – “You might be the queen of England or the captain of Australia, but you can’t do that!”


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