The seventh season of the cash-rich Indian Premier League seems to run out of the interest of the cricket buffs. The IPL business is leaving off form academies to equipment manufacturers.

“Last year, we had approx. 90-95 trainees, this year they are approx. 60,” says Santosh Salvi. He is the full time coach, operating a camp in Powai Vihar for more than ten years. Even he thinks that the reaction is pretty apathetic to the heat wave wide-ranging Mumbai.

Whereas, Salvi is not made into the occurrences in Indian cricket, he believes that it has an imprint on the cricket at the base level. When he has been asked if the outrages related to IPL is the main reason for this deterioration, he said, “…this time the IPL is taking place outside the subcontinent, so it hasn’t really sailed in vogue. It should change when it comes back to India.”

All the situations imply that the cricket fever hasn’t reached the rage yet.

The last edition of the tournament showed so many exceptional things; from the IPL bigwigs getting arrested to the son-in-law of the BCCI president getting entangled in a betting outrageous. The Supreme Court, later, has walloped and lastly the first leg of the tournament got shifted to the UAE due to the clash of dates with the general election in India. It appears that all these issues have damaged the impression of the tournament a lot.

However, the figures related to IPL are still huge and the maturation of the game has taken an acceleration, which clearly signifies the business. Though, the business got slightly dropdown in the retail and manufacturing level.

Dharmesh Nadkarni, the owner of the oldest sports goods shops in Mumbai, Nadkarni Sports, has said, “Earlier, we got to have very good business in April-May. Now, it doesn’t bank on IPL that much. Sales growth of one to five per cent doesn’t make a big difference; more than 15 per cent is a compelling figure. That’s the difference between previous year and this year.” He opines that his business got indolent in the last couple of summers.

The outrages and the wrangles have given rise to bewilderment. “People are wise enough to apprehend. For cricket, it’s very depressing. Earlier, people used to go to enjoy cricket, its technicalities. Now, they don’t take it earnestly, they just come to enjoy the ambience,” he says.

It is the BCCI who has not cleared the doubts in the minds of people regarding the betting and match fixing outrages. It has not helped things to get transparent.

The TAM for the first week (of IPL) has been released, and figures show popularity has got downfall each year in the last three seasons. The IPL’s average first-week viewership has marginally dropped from 2013. The average television viewer ratings (TVR) for the first week are 3.1. It was 3.9 in 2012 and 3.8 in 2013.

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