Is it fair enough to play IPL in Maharashtra?
Is it fair enough to play IPL in Maharashtra?

The state of Maharashtra is suffering from one of the worst droughts in the history. The farmers are committing suicides due to a shortage of water. They do not have a single drop of water to drink forget about watering the crops. Government have failed to provide any kind of help to the farmers as till now no help or compensation have been announced for the farmers. And between all this here comes the mega event IPL.

IPL is scheduled to be played in many parts of the country including Maharashtra, which is suffering from one of the worst droughts in its history. Nagpur and Pune which are scheduled to host 12 IPL matches are the worst affected areas.

Playing a match is not at all a problem but the problem is the usage of water. An approximate of 60 lakhs litre of water will be used to water the pitch during the matches. So is it fair enough to use a huge amount of water just for watering the pitch?

In shocking news few days ago, section 144 was imposed in Latur district of Maharashtra because of a shortage of water. A stage has come where the local people have to lock their water tanks to safeguard their water from being stolen.

Instead of making lame excuses the BCCI should make their best efforts to shift the IPL matches out of Pune and Nagpur if they really want to help the farmers.

The son of former cricketer and very famous journalist Rajdeep Sardesai has come up with a good idea. He tweeted that “Why doesn’t every IPL team adopt ten villages this summer in drought-hit parts in exchange for water for the grounds”? This is one of the best solutions to this problem.

A total of 12 matches are to schedule to be played at Nagpur and Pune and it will be intrusting to see whether the centre government take some action against this or not.

During elections, all the leaders’ promises to solve the problem of the common and poor people but they fails pass the litmus test at the time of making a decision.

In the end, the question remains the same Is It Fair Enough to Host IPL Matches in Maharashtra?

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