Can Kumar Sangakkara be compared with Sachin Tendulkar? The comparisons between Sachin Tendulkar and Kumar Sangakkara in has been the talking point in recent times. However, the comparison often arises in the Test cricket where as in ODI’s Sangakkara is no match to the Little Master as he is miles ahead from the star Sri Lankan batsman.

Sachin, who made his debut when he was 16 years old had an amazing longitivity of 24 years and he is the only player to play 200 International Test matches. Sachin has made 15,921 runs at a whopping average of 53.78. Sachin is widely regarded as the second best cricketer ever behind Sir Don Bradman by many cricket pundits and experts. Sachin, averages more in away than home which is absolutely remarkable which showcases his greatness and how he dominated the best attacks in the world.

Kumar Sangakkara, is widely regarded as one of the modern day greats and he has a mighty impressive average of 58.04 overall in his career and has scored 12,305 runs so far in his highly impressive test career. Sangakkara averages 61 at home and 53 away and most of his success came late in his career against mediocre bowlers and he hasn’t dominated any greater bowling attacks early in his career.

While comparing Sachin and Sangakarra in various countries, Sachin has outscored Sangakkara in various aspects. Sachin has scored 1809 runs out of the 20 matches he played in Australia and he has a mighty impressive average of 53.20, where as Sangakkara has scored 543 runs in just 5 matches. He averages 60 in those 5 matches but those knocks wasn’t made in tougher wickets like Perth or Brisbane where the sub-continent batsman are tested the most. Sangakkara averages 41 in England in the 11 matches he played and Sachin averages 54 in the 17 matches he played. In South Africa Sangakkara averages 35 in 8 matches to Sachin’s impressive average of 46 in 15 matches he played over there. In West Indies Sachin edges out Sangakkara having an average of 57 to Sangakkara’s average of 46. The only place where Sangakkara edged out Sachin is New Zealand where he has an amazing average of 61 where as Sachin has an average of 49.

The above statistics are enough to prove that Sachin has dominated Potent attacks all over the world and maintains a fantastic average everywhere where as, sangakkara reaped rewards during the late end of his career against mediocre attacks. 

Sangakkara can be termed as one of the modern day greats and probably the best ever Sri Lankan cricketer but he can’t stamp his name ahead of Sachin in tests as Sachin has been regarded as the best cricketer ever to grace the game of cricket after the great Sir Don Bradman. 


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