It’s little tough to end corruption in cricket: Jagmohan Dalmiya

Shashi / 10 April 2015

The new president of the BCCI has revealed that he was a last-minute, surprise candidate for the position, also stating that “I don’t know why I fought that election. It’s very hard to explain.”

The 74 year old has been elected who has been the President of the BCCI numerous times before, was caught in controversy earlier this month, when it appeared that many of the people for the BCCI’s committees had been hand-picked by Dalmiya himself.

Dalmiya appears to be conservative in his outlook so far, refusing to enact any outright changes, while maintaining that he wishes to continue with the established means of change: “The inquiry is not yet over, so I can’t … I can wait; I don’t want to overstep my brief”

He has admitted that he “does not want to rock the boat too much”, hoping instead for fewer controversies and a peaceful stint before finally retiring.

However , Dalmiya has also admitted that he feels responsible for cleaning up the state of affairs of modern cricket, feeling that change is nessaccary, but corruption is tough to eliminate: “I felt that it wasn’t about me being president or not, but I didn’t want to see this sort of thing again.”

So far, Jagmohan Dalmiya appears to be a highly conservative president who is not currently promising much in terms of reforms. However, it will be difficult for him to end his term without any controversies? Only time will tell.

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