I’ve been an underrated bowler – Samuel Badree

Krishna Chopra / 11 May 2016
I've been an underrated bowler - Samuel Badree

While people often brag about the big hitters when discussing West Indies’ T20 outfit, the credentials of one person often go unnoticed. Samuel Badree has been profusely instrumental to the success achieved by West Indies in the shortest form of the game. Badree has developed his leg spin bowling to such a level, that even with the field restrictions underplay, it is nearly impossible to milk him for runs.

Badree was a key member in West Indies’ both victorious campaigns of 2012 and 2016, as he often struck early with the new ball. His ability to pitch the ball in a tight area makes him a handy customer to negate for the batsmen. Even in the final of the 2016 ICC World T20, Badree was on the money as he struck early for the West Indians, denting England’s plans.

In a recent chat, the spinner admitted that he indeed was an underrated bowler. “I reckon I have been effective because I am underrated and batsmen think they can easily score off me because of a lack of turn, because I bowl with the new ball and within the power play,” said Badree. “I use accuracy, knowledge of batsmen I’m coming up against, conditions, a bit of variety and some common sense to out think batsmen. There is also a fair bit of luck involved, admittedly.”

“I think I get overlooked for the simple reason of law of recency,” he added. “For the most part, I have finished my work inside the first half hour of the game. By the time the game has ended, many people forget what had happened in the beginning and the performances toward the end of the game are most remembered. It is what it is.”

Badree admitted that he played the game of cricket for enjoying himself. “I have never played for recognition, accolades, fame or fortune but rather to be the best player I can be with my skill set. I love contributing to team success no matter who I play for and that brings me greater joy and satisfaction than any individual award. I started playing this game because it brought me great joy and will continue to play as long as I am still experiencing that joy,” the leg spinner said.

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