Jasprit Bumrah

Former Pakistan pacer and coach of UAE, Aaqib Javed has stated that action of Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah is extremely injury prone. In his latest interview, Javed stated that the Indian management had failed to keep their best bowlers intact and the Indian pacers should be managed with more precision. He also praised veteran Indian pacer Ashish Nehra for adding balance to the Indian side.

“Bumrah’s action is his main problem. During loading, this kind of action puts enormous strain on the back. This is an injury-prone action. With this kind of action, I don’t see him playing 10 years of injury-free international cricket.

I may be wrong as I am not an astrologer but that’s how I feel,” Javed said. Bumrah at best is a fast medium bowler and team expects him to get a wicket or two and hurl a few in the blockhole at the death. Now that will make him a good Twenty20 bowler but beyond that I don’t know,” Aaqib said.

“India for the first time in their history produced four genuine fast bowlers in Umesh, Aaron, Ishant and Shami. Now where are they? Injury management has always been an issue with bowlers from these parts. Breakdown happens due to lifestyle, wrong training. “But when I hear that Umesh is inconsistent, I get baffled.

I mean if someone has genuine ability to bowl quick, how much time it takes to correct the line and length? At the most 3-6 months. Not a day more than that if you are sincere and attentive. If anyone tells me that Umesh, if told to land on a particular spot can’t do after being told repeatedly, then I think there is some problem with either his intent or his coach’s ability to make him understand,” he said.

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