Joe Burns has had a dream series against New Zealand, as he has been among the runs. The talented right-hander is in line, to establish himself as an opener in the Australian test unit for the long term. With David Warner, he has formed a lethal opening pair, and their aggressive ways have so far tormented New Zealand to say the least.

Burns is very excited to play the Adelaide test, and bat against the newly launched pink ball. “I’ve played a few games now and it’s different to a red ball,” Burns said. “I think you have to accept it’s not going to play the same way as your red ball. So you can’t kid yourself and go into it thinking that you can play the same way or prepare the same way,” said Burns.

The opener spoke about the different nature of the pink ball and said, “There are differences in the way the ball reacts, and at times visibility of the ball, but you have to have an open mind as a player and just accept there will be challenges along the way you have to make sure you can stand up to. When you’re out in the middle you can’t look for excuses with the ball, you get on and play the game and whatever is coming down at you, you have to make sure you’re playing it as best you can.”

“For me it was different on where you played,” Burns said. “I’ve never played with the pink bal] in Adelaide. I know under lights in Brisbane and Perth it was very difficult. It seemed to swing a lot more and a lot harder to see. But it could be the stands at the Gabba maybe, and at the MCG it seemed like it was fairly consistent all the way through,” Burns added.

“For me personally I’ve been training by myself with the pink ball just to feel a little bit more comfortable,” he said. “You start to realise that it’s just a cricket ball and you kind of play the same way. “It’s more so just understanding when the ball may react differently and having that mind-frame that in the space of half an hour might go from not swinging to swinging or vice-versa. I think the key is to just have that open mind and be ready for whatever challenge comes along,” Burns said. 

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