Jos Buttler reveals being dropped by England was "a relief"

Will Godley / 07 December 2015

The England wicket keeper has revealed that his confidence sank so low, that being dropped during England’s 2-0 test defeat to Pakistan, was a relief.

Buttler had been suffering through-out the year, after impressive displays has earned him the England gloves. His batting was disappointing in the Ashes series, despite performing well with the gloves. Although when his keeping started going array in Pakistan, with his batting showing no sign of improvement, the selectors were left with no option but to drop him.
The Lancashire man was then recalled for the ODI series, where he found his form. He hit England’s fastest ever 50 over century – smashing his own previous record. Buttler than captained England briefly, in their 3-0 Twenty20 series win.
The 25-year old has been picked for England’s winter tour to South Africa, where he is expected to regain his place behind the stumps, replacing Johnny Bairstow – who failed to impress when given the chance to step up.
“You get to a place where you are thinking ‘today I have to get runs or can you just drop me and get me out of this’,” he told the Daily Telegraph.
“It was a relief to get dropped which is sad in a way because you never want to miss a game. But I was not performing and mentally it had got to a stage where I was not concentrating and did not want to be there.
“I was not enjoying walking out there and feeling like I didn’t know where the next run was coming from. I would also worry that I would miss a nick when keeping because I would be thinking about batting too much.
“Keeping wicket is the worst place to be when out of form. You can’t hide at fine leg where you might touch the ball once every 10 overs. Behind the wicket you are involved every ball. 
“You are never going to go to a coach and say ‘look I think you need to drop me’ because you have that pride thinking that you could turn it around but it was definitely a relief to be taken out of that game and then suddenly the world changed.
“When I was watching the Sharjah test I wondered why I had been so worked up.”

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