The assistant coach of Team India has emphasized that Competence should form the criteria of judging the services of a coach and not his nationality. It is pertinent to add that after an initiative taken by the director of Team India for England India ODI series, Ravi Shastri, Banger was immediately sent to England to enhance the performance of Team India. Earlier England had thrashed team India by 3-1 in the test series. His presence had instant positive result as India won the ODI series by 3-1. Sanjay was able to infuse confidence among the boys and Indian cricketers were mobilized to give their best.

He seemed reluctant to the idea of mentioning coaches by their nationalities when he stated “It should never be termed as an Indian or an overseas coach. We need to get over such things. You need to be competent enough. You need to be challenging your own benchmark on a regular basis.”

He also added that it is the job of the coach to keep learning different aspects of cricket by saying “Cricket is evolving and any person in that capacity (coach) needs to constantly evolve, try and improve and bring fresh ideas.”

Commenting on his role in helping Team India on the last tour he emphasized “I just look at the job as one level ahead, as a responsibility. It is again about trying build relationships, trying to earn respect, trying to earn the trust of the people you work with. It takes time.”

When asked about the ability of every player to improve his performance, he opined “It all boils down to individuals. How badly one wants to make a mark that probably drives the kind of work he eventually does”

It is worthwhile to mention that Bangar is a gem of a cricketer who has helped Kings XI Punjab to achieve new heights in the T20 and has a lot of potential to help Team India to deal with its performance issues. We hope that he’ll stick to Team India one way or the other. Most of the Indian Cricket fans believe that he has a vital role to play in helping Team India in the future.

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