Indian legend Rahul Dravid has said that Jacques Kallis will end up being the second best batsman after Sachin Tendulkar in terms of stats. Kallis is expected to make a fifth World Cup appearance in Australia and New Zealand next year. He is considered to be among the best modern batsmen across the globe.

Dravid said, “I think he’s (Kallis) going to end up with some really record-breaking numbers. I think he’ll probably be second only to Tendulkar’s numbers overall if you look at it. He seems pretty fit in spite of his workload. The fascinating thing is the number of injuries. He’s hardly had any major injuries considering he bats, he bowls. It’s almost unheard of and he looks like he can go on for a while. For the longest time, we’ve been spoilt with the quality of batsmanship with people like Tendulkar, Lara, and Ponting who have played in the same era as Kallis. In some ways he has had to earn this right of approval by sheer weight of runs, sheer consistency of performance and by building up a record that is second to none and is probably going to surpass a lot of these greats. He’s forced you to sit up and take notice.”

He added, “He has a little bit of an initial movement, a two-step movement. It is quite unique in some ways to South Africa. But the important thing to note is that even though he makes that initial movement or that initial shuffle of his, after that he is in a really good balanced position to go fully back or go forward as well when the ball is pitched (up). He has the ability to judge the line exceptionally well and leave well.”


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