Cricket is known as Gentleman’s game. Indeed it is a Gentleman’s game, but sometime its glory , dignity is just spoiled by some vandals, who just destroy the art of sport. Many times many country is affected by those anti socials. Who are this anti social vandals?  They are the person who do not like to create bridge of friendship, love between any countries. Their focus is on to only war; not peace. We should all stop this warmonger vandals to make peace in world otherwise it will be loaded with full of death,  cry, hunger and the dark side of the society.

Recently Pakistan was also trying to make friendly relationship with other countries by planning some cricket series ,creating a league, but in all of a sudden their paln ,program is just spoiled by those anti social terrorist. Previously from many countries had refused to arrange cricket series with them, some leagues have also banned them for their national domestic anti social activity for the sake of other’s life. recently Pakistan Cricket Board just woke up and trying to make some friendly steps bur recent activity at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi destroyed Pakistan Cricket Board’s plan.

Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Najam Sethi has recently given an interview to the media regarding this problem. Sethi also said that he will re organize the affairs of the Pakistan Cricket Board and to establish the Pakistan Super League (PSL), as well as the rationale behind the structuring of central contracts.

On being asked about  Cricket Ireland’s decision not to tour Pakistan later this year, as a reply he said that he tried to bring a foreign team to break the isolation since the terrorist attack about five years ago. His friend Giles Clarke, who heads the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), helped persuade Ireland to make the journey to Lahore for three One-Day Internationals (ODIs) in September.They were about to sign a contract and were awaiting a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from Pakistan government regarding security when the Karachi incident happened. The project had to be called off, but they have mutually decided to review it as soon as the situation in Pakistan improves.

Najam was asked to confirm about Pakistan tour of Sri Lanka Cricket. He replied that Pakistan Cricket Board is in touch with Sri Lanka Cricket board but no decision has been taken by them so far. They just assumed that they won’t get any positive reply from Sri Lanka Cricket board.

In that interview question arised about the rumor of that Netherlands would play a series in Pakistan later this year. In reply his words were as such “Yes, there was talk about it.  But now all bets are off, at least for this year.”

Media asked Najam that when does the International cricket will return to Pakistan? He said that if they could persuade any top team to come to Pakistan and that too if there are no more high profile terrorism cases then It will return to Pakistan.

On being asked about Pakistan Super league certainty he answered that Pakistan Super league tender will be invited soon for the event in January 2015 in UAE.

He was asked about Prime Minister’s visit to India focusing on the fact about playing of Pakistani players in IPL and His word were as such “ I haven’t met the Prime Minister since his India trip. So I can’t say.”




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