Amidst all the debate over Nationalism in India, few days ago we got a news that a local Kashmiri Cricket Club was seen wearing Pakistan cricket team jersey and singing Pakistani national anthem as well in a local Cricket match. A dozen youth was detained on Wednesday. The clip of that particular moment went viral in Social Media. The central Kashmir deputy inspector general of Police has told that Cricketers were detained and are at the police station for questioning. Twelve guys were arrested on Wednesday night from Kashmir’s Gandarbal district.

Reports also suggest that National Investigation Agency will also be there on Thursday to probe on this matter. This cricket team is known as Baba Darya ud din team, Baba Darya-ud-din was a popular saint and whos shrine  is situated in Kashmirs’s Gandarbal district. Due to the detention of players security at Police station has been beefed up as locals are gathering nearby demanding for immediate release of players.

According to Hindustan times report, sources also tell this match was played between teams representing India as well as one team representing Pakistan. Team representing Pakistan wore their Pakistan team’s national jersey and played their national anthem and one team which represented India wore white and Indian National Anthem was also played before the start of the match. This was clarified by a local Gandarbal resident who does not want his name to come up.

Just two months ago in February a bit similler incident took place when two musicians clip went viral where they were singling Pakistan’s National Anthem using local Kashmiri musical Instrument.
This Incident of Cricket Match took place on 2nd of April, on the same day when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the valley to inaugurate the Nashri-Chennai Tunnel, which Asia’s largest tunnel

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