Former Australian cricket team coach John Buchanan insinuated the English Cricket team of demolishing itself if batsman Kevin Pietersen is recalled, after he was massively invigorated towards a likely return to the National team by the ECB chief Colin Graves.Pietersen, who was libelled and sacked in February,2014, joined Surrey in an attempt to reinstate his position in the English cricket team, after he was encouraged by the new chief of the England And Wales Cricket Board.

Pietersen had promulgated his international career to be over after ECB managing director Paul Downtown had accused him of becoming disengaged from the team.However, incoming chief Graves mentioned that ignorance of performances in the domestic circuit certainly could not be ignored and it does bring Pietersen into the array of national selection.

John Buchanan, who has won the prestigious Ashes thrice and the world cup twice, claimed that the English team ha been torn apart from manifold reasons and Pietersen;s case had a severe contribution to it. He also iterated the selfish behavior of explosive game changing players saying their arrogance and obstinate behavior becomes difficult to handle as they are benevolent and jovial when things work out for them, but become malevolent and destructive when trouble befalls them or they fail in performance.

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