Former India pacer Kirti Azad, in his column for DNA India, has openly criticized Ravi Shastri, the current team director of India. Azad, known for his outspoken manner, questioned Shastri’s way of functioning and said that Rahul Dravid was the perfect candidate to take over as the Indian coach.

“Shastri is a great talker, but talking alone does not deliver results,” Azad wrote in his column. “What is the BCCI doing about finalising the head coach? I understand that the five wise men have met only once — the shoe, it seems, is on the other foot,” added Azad.

Nominating veteran Indian batsman Rahul Dravid as the next coach, Azad was clear of his opinion. “The BCCI and the five wise men have to exhibit guts and show a larger relevance rather than being a goody. They have the stature to do it, and they should do their duty fearlessly, in cricket’s long-term interest. Dravid is the best choice amongst Indians and he can straightaway be given the job,” Azad said.

With the Galle test bringing a lot of gloom for the Indians, only an improved performance from the side now can rekindle the faith of the Indian fans in the side. The Indian team has not won a single test since Shastri took over as the team director in August last year. The team’s approach for the 2nd test against Sri Lanka will be interesting to see.  

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