Cricket and music – two things that Indian entertainment thrives on. A small break between work slots and that Kishore da’s ‘Zindegi ek safar hain suhana…’ special yodeling adds the much needed balance. Or, imagine the drizzles in the late afternoon while your work load is lessened, all targets almost fulfiled ; you, the sip from your coffee cup and ‘Rim jhim gire sawan’ humming by your colleague. Can we imagine our life really without Kishore da? Neyat ! Now what if we mix in some music of the magical Bengali voice with your other love, cricket?  We have that for you. Here goes an array of Kishore songs that fit perfect to a few cricket situations such that it seems they were made for them only. See, it’s good to talk via songs than words isn’t it?

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna : Test cricket to spectators

With the introduction of twenty-20 format, cricket has gained a pace. Now-a-days people prefer limited overs over all as it saves time, is seemingly more interesting to watch as there are simultaneous incidents going on. But one cricketer loves to play a Test match of all, for it is really a test of his talents true to the name. But the popularity of T20 is arising the probability of Tests matches being stopped in near future though it is considered to be the purest form of  cricket. So, test cricket urges to the viewers through this melodious Kishore da song, Kabhi Alvida na Kehna !

Musafir hoon yaaron : Cricket ball to the bat 

How interesting it becomes when a batsman hits it hard. People in the stands of the grounds stand up and shout ‘Hit it out of the ground’, ‘We want a bigger six’ and more such encouraging quotes but have you ever , for an instance, thought how the ball might be feeling? Released from the hands of the bowlers in an enormous speed heading straight to a hard, flat wooden bat that is waiting every time to smack it with full potential- man it is a life worse than hell ! And even after the glamorous sphere looks somewhat like a tortured one, the umpires say- “Tujhe chalte jana hain, bas chalte jana”

Chahiye thora pyaar : The stumps to the fielding team

 What can a single person do to protect something while eleven others are after it? Yeah, that is the case her; the person being the batsman himself, the eleven villains in the story are the fielding side, and the something ( well, supposedly the heroine) is (or are) the stumps ! The furious looking bowler with his long hair flying like a cape indicating the speed of his running, the all padded up wicket keeper and even the nine fielders are always up on their feet to hit the stumps- Either to get that batsman bowled, stumped or run out. Can’t the three poor looking stumps ask for a bit of love, eh? 

Mere sapno ki rani : captains to ICC Cricket world cup trophy

Without any second thought, it is the ICC Cricket World Cup that a captain of any cricketing nation wants to win anyway. Every captain wants to have in their life that moment of pride when a team led by a person wins the highest and most popular possible cricket league. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the World Cup Trophy indeed is the ‘Sapno ki Rani’, ie the girl ( or trophy) of dreams of the skippers.

Wada karo nahi chhoroge tum mera sath : Players to ICC top rankings

Who doesn’t want to go to the top? People work and work hard to achieve the superlative and then work hard to retain their top form, their position. And it always remains a dream of players to remain at the top for the rest of their career post achieveing it. Hey beloved ICC rankings, this song is for you : 

Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge : Indian fans to their fandom for cricket and Kishore da

Like we Indians never stopped watching cricket, never stopped supporting the team after consecutive defeats, after bad phases, we can never stop loving the ever smiling, happy-go-lucky entertainer who gave us so many golden hits for every mood. We dance to his numbers, we cry when he sobs in a song, we blush while his song demonstrates first love. Kishore da, we love you as much as we love cricket !  

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