Kamaal Rashid Khan a. k. a KRK has accused Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) member Sourav Ganguly of taking a bribe for the election of Ravi Shastri as the head coach of Team India. The man with the twisted sense of judgement posted about this on his twitter handle.

Bro @SGanguly99 when you said that you will announce coach name after few days then why did you announce next day only? Kitna Maal Mila bro?

But, as it happens most of the times, this allegation was just passed one as a laughing matter by the cricket fans.

Attention seeker

KRK has been a vocal critic. His area of interest ranges from politics, sports, human rights and an intergalactic issue involving aliens.
His utopian soul never keeps him satisfied. His struggle to bring a change in the society through his poetic literary has been evident ever since he signed up on Twitter.

His weekly movie reviews add the dose of logic in Bollywood about which people randomly complain. As a pragmatic individual, whose career tanked after the disaster of ‘Deshdrohi’ circa 2008, he tries everything in his capacity to share the vast filmmaking knowledge he acquired through the process of the creating that masterpiece.

Puns aside, off late, KRK has been actively criticising the Indian Cricket’s moral and ethics. He seems to have some hatred towards skipper Virat Kohli and is paranoid about everything that BCCI and its committee does.

Direct attempts to deride the Indian team, by claiming that the team member is influenced by bookies, looks not only idiotic but also shameful at the same time. Fortunately, he is never taken seriously.

KRK (Photo Source: Twitter)

All hail the laughing stock!


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