The 2014 Champions League T20 is just days away from kick off as the qualifiers involving Mumbai Indians, Lahore Lions, Northern Districts and Southern Express. The top two teams out of these four will qualify for the main round which begins on September 17. The four team qualifiers might turn into a three team affair with Pakistani Champions Lahore Lions missing out their berth.

It has been understood that the Lahore outfit, which is led by Mohammad Hafeez are yet to get their Indian visas with just three days left for their scheduled departure to their neighbour and arch rivals India.

When contacted a PTI official, he said “We have sent all documents for visas to the Indian High Commission. I think they will issue them once they get clearance from their government.”

With relationship between the two country going downhill, BCCI is fast giving up hopes of getting the permission from centre for the Lions’ participation. BCCI is yet to get the approval from the centre for the team’s participation and even hasn’t received a reply since writing to the home ministry 3 weeks ago. 

“We know what is happening. The scheduled talks were called off and the situation is tense at the border. In such a charged-up atmosphere, how can we go to the government again” said a top BCCI official. He also assured that the matter will be resolved without any further hiccups and the Lions will get the visas in the due time and can take part in the tournament.



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