The sensational chucking move against the star Pakistani bowler Saeed Ajmal has certainly created thunderous waves in the ocean of international cricket. Whatever the outcome might be, it has been always a delight to watch him striking in his cool and contented manner.

Many of the followers of the game do fondly remember Saeed Ajmal’s vital four wicket haul in the charity match played between MCC and World SI just a few months back, which was highly appreciated by the participating stalwarts like Brian Lara, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Gilchrist and Collingwood.

He is such a precious and talented bowler that I just want to highlight his excellent bowling skills. He has a wonderful average of 28.10 in Tests. He is even better in ODIs with 22.18. In the t-20s, his bowling average is excellent as 17.54. These stats speak volumes about the talent this ever smiling figure possesses.

Australia coach Lehmann said, “The ICC have obviously decided to have a crackdown on it and that’s good for the game. We’ve got to make sure that area is right. If you’re within the rules then fine, if you’re not, then you’ve got to be looked at. That’s what they have decided to do. They have had a real crackdown on four-five players of late so what that tells coaches and players, and everyone coming through the game and the young guys, is you won’t be able to do any of that moving forward.”

It certainly appears a little strange that the issue of violation of the 15 degree angle by Ajmal has been really remained unnoticed for so long. Earlier others like Utseya and Williamson were also running under the scanner. Thus ICC had no option left but to take corrective measures.

Although Ajmal is already 36, if he has to leave the game due to this action against him, it will be a loss for cricket.


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