Liam Plunkett still undecided whether to travel to Bangladesh amid security concerns

Sudipta Biswas / 29 August 2016

Liam Plunkett said that he will speak to his family before making a decision over whether to tour Bangladesh following the England cricket board’s (ECB) approval for the trip to go ahead.

He believes there are still some questions to be answered before England can commit to the tour of Bangladesh that is still troubled by security concerns.

England decided last Thursday that they would go ahead with their trip in October after a visit to Bangladesh by a delegation led by security adviser Reg Dickason but indications are they will still have to persuade the players to travel.

Twenty people were killed in an attack in Dhaka last month and foreign office advice is still to not congregate in areas where westerners gather in Bangladesh, leading to nervousness among the England team.

“People are just digesting what went on in the meeting and I will have a bit more of a think once the series is done,’ said Plunkett.

“Maybe I will speak to a few more people but I trust Reg Dickason and what he says and I will have another look after the series. You pick up a paper and there’s trouble everywhere in the world so I don’t know but I’ll speak to my family once the series is done, have a good think, look into it a bit more and come up with a decision,” he added.

“I know the environment in Bangladesh and I know what it’s like. I’ve travelled in the sub-continent quite a lot so I’ve got a few more questions to ask and I’ll finalise my judgment and come up with a decision then,” said Plunkett.